A graduate of Louisiana State University and Southern University Law Center, Shannon
began practicing law in 2009. While in undergrad and law school and prior to her admittance to
the Bar, she worked full-time with Nathan S. Fisher, a long-time criminal defense attorney in
Baton Rouge where she was exposed to all aspects of his cases from start to finish. Nathan
taught her that sometimes you needed to pound the pavement yourself to find out the truth in
your cases; they didn’t call him, “Neighborhood Nathan,” for nothing! Two such cases have
recently had books written that detail Shannon and Nathan’s dedication – Shots on the Bridge by
Ronnie Greene and Familiar Evil by Rannah Gray. It was Nathan’s dedication to the law and his
clients that has molded her practice today. Clients come to us for help, and she believes it is her
job as their attorney to make what matters to them, matter to her.

While Nathan held purely a criminal defense practice, upon graduation Shannon branched
out into other areas of law. Over the past nearly 10 years, she has maintained a full-service,
general practice focusing on not only criminal defense, but family law, personal injury, and
general civil litigation and mediation. She is a Board Member of the Louisiana Association of
Criminal Defense Lawyers and is active in various local charity and interest groups.

With the help of her husband, Franz N. Borghardt, she excels at her most important and
difficult job yet – mom to a little boy, Fisher.